Hi I’m Diana! Let me reintroduce myself again…

Diana drawing at home

Hello everybody! I have decided to reintroduce myself for those who may know me and for new visitors. It’s been a long time since I’ve interacted with the internet whether it’s social media on behance or instagram. Why Diana isn’t on the internet?! …No one has asked… but I would like to explain that this is a big step for me, maybe I was afraid I would look like a zombie if I became addicted to social media…I think the time has come to be more social and enjoy it. Have you hesitated to continue posting on social networks? I would like to hear your comments.

I’m a Storyteller an illustrator and color fan.

What defines myself the most is that I am a fan of colour and you can see it in all my work, especially in the Zahnhase project, I love to have fun with the characters I create and I give them a certain touch of humour.

I also love illustrating for children, especially when there are topics to explain and they need didactic materials such as colouring sheets, comics, animations and e-books. For now my work has focused on health issues such as dental hygiene in children and I have generated some experience that allows me to use it in my personal projects.

My goal is to provide you with cute Clipart perhaps with a social touch.

I have decided to generate content about what worries me like my Amazon Rainforest Drawing set or what interests me but more than anything I would like to be able to contribute with something even if it is very little but positive in the lives of others.

I’m a more or less young entrepreneur, let’s say over 35.

I have been thinking for many years what can I contribute with my talent? do I have talent? what is my voice? what is my style? but most of all how to take the step? There are so many millions of people doing the same thing, usually younger, that it may seem impossible to stand out, especially when you start from scratch and the worst thing you can do is to compare yourself, I tell you.

I will be publishing my process and development and maybe it can be useful for someone like me, that is not so young or for anyone starting out.

Thank you so much for reading till the end!☺️

Published by Diana Villalobos

Illustration is something I enjoy and gives my life sense. I am trying to improve my skills and that´s why I post here the work I am doing. It´s always refreshing to hear someone else´s opinion.

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