Does being shy affect my online sales?

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The question of whether being shy affected my online sales I have asked myself after a year of hard work as my earnings on the Creative Fabrica platform amount to the wonderful amount of 0.02 cents in almost two months. Is this normal? Have I lacked more work in communication? Do I need to be more present on social media? Do I have to reach that influencer intensity when creating content?

I am over thirty years old and since platforms like Facebook and Co. became essential I have not had an active social presence online for all these years.

I decided to step back and just communicate in the most basic way without using any social media with family or friends, I wanted to keep it “normal”, when we had the freedom to be there or not for someone.

All this would not have any relevance since, ultimately, who is making use of social media is not obliged to do so, with one exception … if you have your own business and even worse, if you have your own business where the brand is you.

Branding for the shy.

Your work speaks for you but if you want to connect with your clients we need clients to know us and distinguish us and it can be done through consistent communication. Posting my art and offer graphics that can be useful and share my processes helped me a lot.

Starting with either a text in your blog or some phrase or quote of yours that indicates what you value, what you feel or what you like can push yourself in new directions and maybe if you already feel comfortable you can show your beautiful face sometimes 😉

Making an annual plan focused on a single goal helps to keep it fluid. In my case this year my goal was to sell products on Etsy and Creative Fabrica and finally in September 2021 I managed to do it and I think that deserves a celebration, of course next year’s goal will be to consolidate my brand.

Thank you so much for reading till the end!☺️

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Illustration is something I enjoy and gives my life sense. I am trying to improve my skills and that´s why I post here the work I am doing. It´s always refreshing to hear someone else´s opinion.

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