May the algorithm allow my publication to multiply.

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The future of work using social media is a fact and for those of us who are latecomers to social media it can become a headache.

The idea of documenting and sharing every step of your life is for me as an introvert a real struggle but I have found ideas and inspiration from people who really have something to say and don’t repeat fashion trends.

On the other hand there are the algorithms but I’ve never fully understood that.

Is quantity more important than quality today?

Publishing daily if possible is the key, some say, it doesn’t have to be anything special but the important thing is to feed the “dragon” so that it allows you to move to the next level and so the algorithm blesses you with its goodness.

But what happened to quality or purposeful content? Maybe in early 2013 when they were starting out those who now enjoy the luck they had with algorithms can say that quality was not the end but rather they were doing it to legitimately connect with other people, they were still thinking human to human.

Now the environment has changed drastically and the web has been saturated with billions of posts daily and a newbie might feel very intimidated and insecure but an entrepreneur might think that now there are millions more people you can potentially connect with.

For now in my case besides not having the time to create quality content in a fluid way, I have decided to show my creation processes or simply share my experience as I do now in this blog in the hope that maybe one person can find this content useful.

Quality and its importance in personal branding.

Having quality standards is a must for product manufacturers or service providers and if I consider myself as a service provider I need to make my brand visible and tangible, but when the brand tends to be more of a human and personal aspect reaching perfection can become frustrating and demotivating.

You can say in my case that making images is my essence, I have to know how to do it very well or reach a certain level but ultimately it is about personality and in art it is the essence of every good artist. The big question is: How to distribute my content successfully?

The Mass makes the difference, to reach it social media is the most obvious answer to this need but there is no guarantee of anything or unless you have the resources to hire an agency specialized in it so you need some investment or certain millions of followers ready to consume your product.

Everything will work if you stay true to your art.

My conclusion is like climbing Everest, you need training, discipline and tenacity as well as being realistic and setting small achievable goals in order to move forward with confidence and not lose motivation and the ultimate goal, which in my case is to connect with people who find my content valuable.

I will be publishing my process and development and maybe it can be useful for someone like me, that is not so young or for anyone starting out.

Thank you so much for reading till the end!☺️

Published by Diana Villalobos

Illustration is something I enjoy and gives my life sense. I am trying to improve my skills and that´s why I post here the work I am doing. It´s always refreshing to hear someone else´s opinion.

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