The Amazon Colouring Pages

More than ever it is important to maintain and cultivate respect for nature. Inspired by the Yanomami, one of the last tribes of the Amazon, I have dedicated this series to them.

The Amazon colouring pages are made with a lot of love for children who are learning to write and read since the titles have indications for them to write and the texts are easy to read, but ultimately anyone can enjoy the content. The font used is Sassoon Infant and was created for learning purposes by Sasson-Williams. 

There is much more material that I would like to share with you and I will be posting periodically depending on my free time after work.

Colouring page

The Amazon Pink Dolphin

Do pink dolphins really exist? Find out the answer by downloading this colouring page.

Colouring page

The Amazon Rainforest

Where is the wonderful Amazon rainforest? Enjoy colouring this page and discover how many countries share it.

Colouring page

The Amazon Flower – Vanilla

Do you like vanilla? Enjoy this colouring sheet where you can see the different stages of growth of this flower.

The Amazon river clipart colouring sheet download

Colouring page

Amazon River

Navigate the Amazon River while colouring this page.

Colouring page

The Amazon Hoatzin Bird

What makes this bird unique? Download this colouring page and find out!

cocoa bean clipart colouring sheet download

Colouring page

The Amazon Cocoa Bean

You can pay me with chocolate! Find out on this colouring page who accepts this payment.

Colouring page

The Yanomami “Guardians of the forest”

Download this nice page to color and read small blocks of information about this amazing people.

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